Saturday, February 2, 2013

un gran día

dear schmutzie,

i had a really great day! it started with a good night's sleep. Mac was already curled up in his "nest". and Rocky, ... who knows where he was ... but he was quite!


my alarm was set for 6:30am. OUCH. but that's how things are on saturday, as i like to go to my saturday morning meeting. my meeting was great, and i got to see my friends, and then i came "home" to the kitties.

we'll just ignore that part about coming back and finding that Rocky had killed the water bottle.

SO, i did leave again, and went to hang out at the yarn store. my personal treats included Lynn, Riiiiiita, and Terri. and then, LISA! showed up. i hadn't seen her in ages, but purple is still her favorite color!

i knitted on my sock. i was determined to at least knit the first pattern repeat, which is about 3 to 4 inches of knitting, depending on which stitch pattern you're measuring. yes. so, the back of the sock leg is in seed stitch, and the front has a different pattern, and it seems they have very different row gauges. this might be a problem. this might explain why the sock in the sample model poofs out a bit.


after knitting, i headed out to the mall. yes. the mall on a saturday. i just could not make it out during the week. but, i've been shopping at that mall since '88, and i can handle the traffic.

i parked near the belks men's store ... i had rockstar parking. i had a couple of "need to do things". first stop, Pandora. i got my kitty!


next stop ...



i thought about our conversation we'd had just within the hour, and YOU ARE RIGHT! life is short, and that sweater looks FAB on me!

at belks, i played dressy-bessie. i tried the oversized gray sweater, and the summery short sleeved one with stripes. and you can see which one "won". i'm home with the kitties now, and wearing my sweater. I LOVE IT!

mom played the debbie-downer, and said, ... "you know you could spend that money on _____ or _____ or _____ (instead)!"

what she doesn't quite understand is this is my schmutzie sweater. this is my kitty sweater. this is my gray la gran sweater. even if it pills or gets stains, it will still look fabulous. it makes me feel good. it's like a hug.

by the way, this day is not yet over. Mac is outside, though it's really cold out, enjoying his freedom. Rocky ... (shakes head) ... Rocky still has a "thing" for the squirt bottle. i came home to find this ...


sleep well my friend,

... ms. gray la gran

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