Monday, February 4, 2013

Nueve días

wow. it's been a crazy day. this was my first day at my new work site. my job has moved to a new campus, about a mile or so down the road from my other building. the campus is HUGE. and we had people directing traffic and ready to help us navigate the building(s).

i met my buddy, Punk, in the parking lot (we just happened to arrive around the same time) ... and we "hiked" to our section.

when i left work tonight, it took me about 6 minutes to walk from my desk to my truck. AND, i had a pretty decent parking space. when the rest of the business units move over, ... the "hike" will be longer. OMG i can't wait for them to complete the construction of the parking deck!

okay, enough of the drama.

when i got in tonight, both kitties were waiting (in the semi-darkness) at the door to the laundry room (which connects to the garage).

Mac? ... holy crap! ... as soon as i turned on the kitchen light he made a beeeeee line for the door out, and he's been "out" ever since. Rocky? ... all he wanted to do was play in the garage. do you think they had enough of each other today ?!



oh! Mac just came back in ... he's a little fuzzy popsicle!

i felt so busy when i came in tonight ... maybe it was the frenzy of the odd work day, and i had to stop for groceries, and cook (burgers!)


i feel a bit behind.

OH! this is a bit "off the cuff". but Mac has not pooped in the downstairs tub again. maybe i just jinxed myself? ... schmutzie ... i don't think the "towel in the tub" trick works 100% ... because Mac can just push it aside if he wants to "use" the tub. and look at Rocky ... he LOVES the towel in the tub!


okay, too funny, but i JUST noticed this guy in the freezer !!!


seriously, where else would a polar bear hang out ?!

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