Friday, February 1, 2013

seis dias

and TGIF! it has been an interesting week. i'm hoping now that the weekend is "here", that the kitties will enjoy a burst of routine.

i did discover today that the dishwasher ran virtually empty. WHOOPS. i really don't know how. maybe the wind caused an electrical surge which triggered the dishwasher, because i refuse to believe Rocky did it (which would mean i didn't notice him on the counter) or that there is a poltergeist (because that would be creepy).

but today, i have loaded it, and will run it soon. i was in the process of creating one of my epic stacks of dishes.


being the first of the month, i did cast on a new pair of socks.


that was early this morning, and i've barely knit a stitch all day. but soon ... i have my netflix queued up for another episode of "the west wing".

in kitty news, all is still very entertaining!

for the last hour or so, Rocky has been just running in circles chasing whatever it is i cannot see. it does make me reconsider that poltergeist theory though ....

tonight, kitties had some shrimp! YUM! i have to tell you, these guys eat well. sometimes i think they eat better than me. but, i don't like feet in my plate ...


i don't think Mac cared for it very much either!


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