Sunday, February 3, 2013

octavo día

i'm up a bit earlier than i expected to be today. i've been up for awhile ...

i learned that i need to put the broken water bottle away at bedtime, or Rocky will start batting it around before sunrise! i was too bleary eyed to catch him with photographic proof, but here he is from yesterday evening, waiting to "play" with the bottle!


i put the bottle in a drawer, and went back to bed. he was only moments behind me, because after i turned the lights back out, he pounced on the bedside table and knocked some things off.


when i got the light on, he was looking all sweet and innocent on the floor, squinting with the bright light.

i turned the light out again, and then felt the bed shake. i'm thinking, "maybe he'll curl up and go to sleep". NO.


he was prancing across the headboard, and batting at the photos on the wall, watching them sway on their hooks & nails.

i admitted defeat, and just. got. up.

i came to the kitchen and let Mac out. i think i know now why he likes to go outside. it's not to commune with nature, or to hunt for snack. it's to get away from his kitty-companion !

well, that's my theory. they were chasing and rough housing before i got out of bed.

i pulled out my sock, to see if the fit was okay or not. this of course got the attention of a certain kitty that wanted to "help" me with the dangling yarn & needles.


so, it's not yet 8am, but i can tell it's going to be a great day =) lol !!!

i'm going to get cleaned up soon, as i have to go into work for a bit. i think i'll wear my pretty new gray sweater!

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