Sunday, February 10, 2013



the yarn is not safe. not here.

last night, i was knitting on my sock. i was happily knitting along, and then i got to a place where the yarn was wet, and as thin as a hair.

i had to break it and join a new section.

i know we can guess the culprit.

because today, here he is again ...


ha! that's not my sock yarn. it's some acrylic i was playing with today. but still, here he is, trying to chew it up!

i wanted to share a picture of my sock progress though (the sock which yarn he "ate").

but, before i could take a proper picture, i needed to do some "house work".




i had to repaint my nails. it's been awhile, and Rocky liked the smell of the toxic fumes. but what did he like more? ... my yarn & needles!

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