Thursday, February 7, 2013


i cannot believe it's thursday already!  ... and that the day is almost over.

yesterday was such a lovely day, and now the rain has rolled in. while the south gets pounded with rain, the north east will get dumped on with snow. a lot of snow.

because of the winter weather in the north east, i will be working overtime tomorrow night to assist with any overflow due to one of our sites being "under staffed". i don't mind, as our other sites had to pick up the slack when we had an ice storm a couple of weeks ago. such is life (and team work).

i got home tonight, and both kitties were anxiously waiting for me at the door. and in-spite of the rain, Mac still wants to be outside.

he did stay in for a bit ... as it was "snack time"!


i let some of the shrimp thaw a bit in a bowl of water.


Mac waited patiently, but never taking his eyes off the prize.


so, i just peeked outside, just incase Mac wants to come in ... and i spotted his glowing eyes under the settee on the porch under the canopy. he's pretty happy out there!

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