Tuesday, May 14, 2013

waiting on schmutzie-eve

it's like the eve of a holiday ... schmutzie is coming home!

rocky awaits by the window ...


mac is exploring the night ...


me? ... after work, i got my hair & eyebrows done, ran by my place to drop off some things, and didn't get back here until about 8:30pm.

that said, mac spent the entire day inside ... which is why he's now outside, and may punish me by not wanting to come back in before i need to go to sleep.

pst! mac ... guess what? remember those 12 hrs. you spent inside? ... you might get to spend those hours outside tonight if you don't come back before bedtime !!!

he'll be back ... he understands the concept of "last call" =)

Monday, May 13, 2013

monday monday

wow. monday. and it should be friday already!

but still, it was an awesome weekend, and monday can hit like a ton of bricks.

this is a typical day. apparently, rocky has identified me as a sucker (my mom's doggie has done the same to her).

for example ... never mind that that when i get out of the shower that the rug is still available.


and here i am, dripping wet, with this sweet face acting like i've inconvenienced him.

i remember thinking, "really?!"

nope. he doesn't care.

and here he is looking all "innocent" ... really ?!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

oh what a day (weekend) night !

i've had a pretty great weekend. full of stuff i didn't "do" =)

ie: stuff

i hanged out at the lys. and i laughed until i snorted or my belly ached.

it was a good weekend.

and i had a bit of extra cash, which i finally spent today.


i got some yarn. i want a summer sweater. i know that sounds a bit contradictory, but still ... it can get a bit cool in the summer (breezy).

yep. that's mac chowing down on my new yarn.



some things in the dryer, some things on hangers, and some things hanging outside with the plants (the only thing i could really find to use as a drying rack).

this is really funny!

so, mac came inside, hungry. of course, anything he does, he has his little white shadow on his heels.

so mac crouches over the food dish, and rocky is right there too.


now watch ...


see that little paw going over to the left to drag the plate closer to him?


that just cracked me up! he did it more than once.

Friday, May 10, 2013

small miracle

the small miracle is both kitties are in the kitchen, in very close proximity, and rocky is not bugging the shit living daylights out of mac!


in-fact, he appears a little bored.

ps. schmutzie, see your pretty red knitting bag? it's been out of the closet, and "on tour".


last weekend, it went to the lys =)

but, back to kitty-landia.

opposite mr. rocky is MAC.


still, he's been spending tons of time outdoors. when i got here this evening, i did a quick sweep with the mini-dyson. but, there's now more stuff on the floors that falls off him from his adventures outside.

it's still "early" (not even 6:30) ... so plenty of hours left for more mayhem ....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

little shop of horrors

schmutzie did a me a big favor of hiding her very life-like fake cockroaches. i HATE cockroaches.

so, i haven't found any of hers ... but i stumbled across one of my own. and i can't for the life of me remember having stashed it in my little cooler.


but, i did jump as if it were real!

also, there is a crazy fly-eating alligator in the bathroom ...


and if none of these guys catch you off guard, there's always the giant crochet garden slug hiding in the closet ...


as dorothy says, "there's no place like home"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

it's humpday!

(otherwise known as wednesday)

it's been a tough week, and it's not quite over yet. i elected to NOT let mac out all day, as i was concerned about the weather. we've had a lot of rain and storms lately.

of course, i feel a bit guilty that he's indoors all day with our favorite sweet kitten (rocky!), so i make a bee line for the door when i get "home" so mac can make his great escape.


did i mention mac likes red wine?

he had his cocktail, and then took off down a little path beside the house.


he was in cat heaven!

meanwhile, rocky had his face pressed to the window checking out all the action.


ps. rocky really likes windows!




mac, however, is kinda like me ... he likes his "me" time and his 5 o'clock :p

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

is it friday yet?!

that is not a reference to how i feel about being here, but about what's going on at work. i have just completed all of the classroom training of a new position, and tomorrow i have to put these new skills into practice --- with a safety net, of course. but still. it makes me a bit anxious.

okay. back to business.

so, before i left work, this was the view from the parking lot.


beautiful day, right? ... but, on the way to schmutzie's ... it started to rain.


and right now, it's pouring and thundering.

i came right through the garage, the kitchen, and held back rocky as i opened the door for mac. mac came running in (did i mention he spent the day outside again?).

and now, he's getting comfortable on-top of the cable box thingy.

in other news, rocky had some fun times with his feather toy ...


oh! speaking of feathers --- i don't know what upset mac's tummy, but i did see him munching on something in the yard the other day ...


hmmmm. maybe he ate something "bad" ?

Monday, May 6, 2013

mac is indoors today

he spent a good part of the night hacking up nastiness. i cleaned about 6 or 7 spots this morning, and then found another before i left (it'll still be there when i get back tonight).

 he still wanted to go out this morning, and i'd let him if it wasn't raining. he can go out tonight ....


Sunday, May 5, 2013

hmmm ... what happened to saturday?

i don't know, but now, it's sunday. and saturday kinda disappeared.

i had a great day yesterday. schmutzie called yesterday. on my phone, it appeared as a call from seattle, washington.

we chatted.

cats are well. CATS ARE WELL.

today has been my last day to "chill" vs. "cats" .... and i lost. lol!

right now, rocky is in my lap, purring, shedding, etc.

mac, ... he's outside.


Friday, May 3, 2013

and of course, rocky has his "days" too!

where can i start?


sweet dear sweet rocky.

it's the young ones that keep us young.

let me tell you a bit more about him ......

he's a kitten. he sees things. he touches them. the things "move". he touches again, but harder ... the thing "moves" more. and so on .......




rocky. i'm telling you now that in the future, your food will be in a dish that is too heavy to send airborne so easily!

mac's day

and yes, mac spent all day today outside too. i even went out to talk to him under the bush, but he wasn't interested in coming in.

i could had brought him inside, but i figured since the weather was nice, there was no harm.

this is where he likes to hang out:


under the bush, behind this stand with two bird feeders, is mac's "cat cave".

 i KNOW he hangs out there in hopes of snatching a hungry bird. 

and i KNOW he's had success doing so.


isn't he pretty?! and he's a killer !!!

of course, it all starts out so innocently ... just a casual stroll outside ... before he disappears under the bush.


i've been "home" since around 7pm. mac has been in & out at least 4 times now. i'm cool with that. he'll  probably go in & out a dozen times more before bedtime!
but, i just peeked out the window, and he's really into something out there under the bird feeder --- perhaps a snack from earlier?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

what REALLY happens here ....

i got here last evening, just before 8pm. needless to say, sir rocky was my welcoming committee.


he's just hopelessly cute! thank goodness for quick pics with an iPhone, as i would otherwise have to walk around all the time with a camera in hand.

mac started his usual antics of in, out, in, out, in, out. i don't mind. i'm usually on my laptop next to the door we use for this ritual.


but, this morning was a different story. 

i woke up before my alarm, and laid in bed to play with my iPad for just a bit. but, i didn't want to lay around too much, as i was going to work (to a different than usual location) from a location i don't usually depart from.

that said, i really didn't have time to linger this morning.

by the way, did i mention mac totally took a crap in the downstairs jacuzzi tub while i was in the shower screaming "no ! no ! no !" ?!

i got up, let mac out. i let him in. i let him out.

BUT, he didn't want to come back in when it was time for me to leave for work.

i'm ms. "tough love". i ain't got time for that ! so, poor baby ... mac spent the entire day outside. 

WHOOPS! schmutzie, please forgive me, BUT, i really really think he enjoyed eating critters all day ;)

seriously, this morning, i glanced out briefly and saw mac's paws airborne with a small dark critter flying between. he GOT something. munch. munch. he did.

by the way, speaking of "tough love", i don't want to "secure" my fishy upstairs, where i can't really enjoy him. 

he's in the kitchen, where i can see and enjoy him right now. and i don't know anything about what fish think & feel --- but i'm making an executive decision of having him here.

i wondered how this day would end (and, it's not over yet) ... would mac be waiting to come in? would my fishy be okay?

well, both were okay! mac was ready to come in and refuel. mr. fishy had only been slightly ______ i just can't think of a word.

i saw this first.


the only kitty in house all day was rocky. yep. he's the guilty one. 

see wee fishy in the bottom left there? he's fine. i don't know if rocky realizes there's a fish in the water, or just had some fun with the thing that makes water noises.

regardless, (no offense) i suspect (and hope) mr. fishy is smarter than sir rocky.