Tuesday, May 7, 2013

is it friday yet?!

that is not a reference to how i feel about being here, but about what's going on at work. i have just completed all of the classroom training of a new position, and tomorrow i have to put these new skills into practice --- with a safety net, of course. but still. it makes me a bit anxious.

okay. back to business.

so, before i left work, this was the view from the parking lot.


beautiful day, right? ... but, on the way to schmutzie's ... it started to rain.


and right now, it's pouring and thundering.

i came right through the garage, the kitchen, and held back rocky as i opened the door for mac. mac came running in (did i mention he spent the day outside again?).

and now, he's getting comfortable on-top of the cable box thingy.

in other news, rocky had some fun times with his feather toy ...


oh! speaking of feathers --- i don't know what upset mac's tummy, but i did see him munching on something in the yard the other day ...


hmmmm. maybe he ate something "bad" ?

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