Friday, May 3, 2013

mac's day

and yes, mac spent all day today outside too. i even went out to talk to him under the bush, but he wasn't interested in coming in.

i could had brought him inside, but i figured since the weather was nice, there was no harm.

this is where he likes to hang out:


under the bush, behind this stand with two bird feeders, is mac's "cat cave".

 i KNOW he hangs out there in hopes of snatching a hungry bird. 

and i KNOW he's had success doing so.


isn't he pretty?! and he's a killer !!!

of course, it all starts out so innocently ... just a casual stroll outside ... before he disappears under the bush.


i've been "home" since around 7pm. mac has been in & out at least 4 times now. i'm cool with that. he'll  probably go in & out a dozen times more before bedtime!
but, i just peeked out the window, and he's really into something out there under the bird feeder --- perhaps a snack from earlier?


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