Thursday, May 2, 2013

what REALLY happens here ....

i got here last evening, just before 8pm. needless to say, sir rocky was my welcoming committee.


he's just hopelessly cute! thank goodness for quick pics with an iPhone, as i would otherwise have to walk around all the time with a camera in hand.

mac started his usual antics of in, out, in, out, in, out. i don't mind. i'm usually on my laptop next to the door we use for this ritual.


but, this morning was a different story. 

i woke up before my alarm, and laid in bed to play with my iPad for just a bit. but, i didn't want to lay around too much, as i was going to work (to a different than usual location) from a location i don't usually depart from.

that said, i really didn't have time to linger this morning.

by the way, did i mention mac totally took a crap in the downstairs jacuzzi tub while i was in the shower screaming "no ! no ! no !" ?!

i got up, let mac out. i let him in. i let him out.

BUT, he didn't want to come back in when it was time for me to leave for work.

i'm ms. "tough love". i ain't got time for that ! so, poor baby ... mac spent the entire day outside. 

WHOOPS! schmutzie, please forgive me, BUT, i really really think he enjoyed eating critters all day ;)

seriously, this morning, i glanced out briefly and saw mac's paws airborne with a small dark critter flying between. he GOT something. munch. munch. he did.

by the way, speaking of "tough love", i don't want to "secure" my fishy upstairs, where i can't really enjoy him. 

he's in the kitchen, where i can see and enjoy him right now. and i don't know anything about what fish think & feel --- but i'm making an executive decision of having him here.

i wondered how this day would end (and, it's not over yet) ... would mac be waiting to come in? would my fishy be okay?

well, both were okay! mac was ready to come in and refuel. mr. fishy had only been slightly ______ i just can't think of a word.

i saw this first.


the only kitty in house all day was rocky. yep. he's the guilty one. 

see wee fishy in the bottom left there? he's fine. i don't know if rocky realizes there's a fish in the water, or just had some fun with the thing that makes water noises.

regardless, (no offense) i suspect (and hope) mr. fishy is smarter than sir rocky.

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