Sunday, February 3, 2013

the super bowl !

so, i just remembered today is Super Bowl Sunday. it's a holiday akin to Thanksgiving ... meaning, instead of a parade, there are commercials people actually watch, and major food consumption. i saw something funny online yesterday, a mention of ... , "i hear there's going to be some kind of sporting event at the Beyonce concert". anyways, that mentality is just up my alley!

the day meanders ...

i've been trying to get some things done. i went to work, and then chatted for a very long time with one of my ravelry friends from my sock knitting group. we moderate as well, so it was a business/recreational call.

i had to go to my apartment to get a few things. i remembered the clothes, but forgot a few other things on my list (because i was chatting on the phone the entire time).

when i got back to kitty-landia, i unloaded the dishwasher. YES! i used an appliance, without the assistance of a poltergeist, and this time with dishes in it =)

and laundry. i did laundry.


i intended to swiffer & vacuum, ... but that intention has been retired. i'm ready for some fun & relaxation now. did i mention i was up predawn? and went to work? and grocery shopped? and did laundry? and cleaned the litter box? and ... and ... and ......!

ps. i clean the litter box daily ... you kinda have to do that.

i'm enjoying the "homeyness" of today. i wish i had 3 day weekends. i can always use an extra day.

so ... here's a few pictures from today, and it's not even 4pm!


Mac in all his glory, sucking up the heat from the cable box! i have to tell you, it's hard to get a good picture of him. he's kinda "private". he's mature. he doesn't want to be bothered. isn't he beautiful ?!!!


Rocky, the polar opposite. he's totally dependable to ham it up! he's LITERALLY available 24/7 for a photo opportunity. i ♥ LOVE ♥ this photo ... he looks like he's dancing!

well, i intend to sock knit for a bit. and maybe tune into some netfix. BUT, i have really been enjoying the BOSE.


schmutzie, shall i leave you some CD's ? ... that's how i've been turned onto new music (trust me, my music is not really that "current"!).

ps. everyone should hear this. or this, the kd lang version. take your pick. I PREFER RUFUS !!!

i think this music is quite emotional. i simply love it.


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