Wednesday, February 13, 2013

el juego de la espera

we are waiting. today is quite exciting, it's the day schmutzie is expected home. unfortunately, there were some issues with the travel, and i'm/we (kitties) are not exactly sure of when we'll see her.

but, in the meantime, we will just chill.

there's not been many photo opportunities today, ... well, at least not yet. Mac is outside, "enjoying" the cold and damp, and Rocky is chasing his own shadow.

i swear i will deny this, but i do (kinda) think kittens are cute ... and then they grow up to be cool cats.

total denial, i swear!

so, we "wait" ....


Rocky waits


Mac waits


and i wait too.

dearest Schmutzie, tomorrow is your birthday, which is a mere 4 hours away in my time zone. but, i don't know which time zone you're in right now. we need to "go out" and celebrate!

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