Tuesday, January 29, 2013

y en el tercer día

day 3, 2nd morning, 1 BIG CRASH! i literally popped out of bed around 6:30 am, thinking someone had thrown a brick through a window.

i figured out pretty quickly it likely wasn't something so random as a brick through the window, but the workings of a certain kitty.


this was the casualty. this pretty steel frame infront of the fireplace holds these cone shaped glass votive holders. the frame was flat on the floor (just missing the glass coffee table), and little cones & votives strewn across the floor.

and the culprit? i'm pretty sure it was this one ...


just an hour or so before this, both the boys were all sweet & curled up on the bed (the little one conserving his energy for his shenanigans within the hour).



this is another casualty, little "tiny tim". this picture is of him from sunday, and as of this morning, he's missing a wing ...


ps. so far

  • Mac has not crapped in the downstairs tub
  • i even let him out for a bit before work (thank goodness he came back in a reasonable time, as it would be a very long day to spend outdoors!)
  • Mac got tired of Rocky's attitude this morning and beat the crap out of him (no worries, Mac's tail wasn't even puffed out)

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