Sunday, January 27, 2013

dia uno

as my dear friend should be over the atlantic ocean right now, i'm a bit "at home" too ... at the casa del tona !

la casa is definitely a place i could see myself living in, though ... let's be honest, it wouldn't be as "tidy". though, when i vacate, it will be as clean (hope) as i found it  =)

we're all different, and i do celebrate that. i think it's important for us to have diversity.

i met my dear friend back in '97 or '98. i was working at a restaurant, waiting tables. i spotted schmutzie across the room. why? ... she was wearing a handknit sweater! i just had to ask her about the yarn!

dang, it's been a long time ......

so, between now and the 13th of february, i hope to give some kind of diary of the days/nights spent taking care of los gatos. and, also document if the garbage disposal blows up, if i lock myself out of the house, or if a bird poops on my windshield.

i came over late in the afternoon. it takes me awhile to bug out of a place. i'm worse than imelda marcos. (i hear she travels with ridiculous luggage (shoes!))

i had things to take care of: garbage, food in fridge, what to wear for the week, my fish, stuff, etc. and then ravelry went down for a bit, so i couldn't look at my project pages to figure out what project to pack ... so i had to rely on my shoddy memory.

but, i think i did okay. i packed a suitcase of clothes, a bag full of yarn, books, needles, and patterns, ... some food from the fridge, my LAPTOP! and other essentials.

there's one "essential" i found here waiting for me ...


(it's not the oatmeal)(but is still in the "grain" family").

hey, so, i'm using my iPhone and the new(ish) flickr app to take & upload my pictures while here. and the app has some fun filters and other editing features. thus, i hope none of the photos shared here will be straight up.

i have since unpacked, locked the garage, and freaked out the cats!


that's "wee" rocky. he's a kitten. he's ♥ special ♥ !!! seriously, i can't remember the last time (other than the 1st of the year) that i spent so much time in the company of a kitten. i imagine tonight, there were be some "drive by's" ... meaning, he'll be up all night, and randomly run across me while i'm sleeping.

yes. that's what he does.

but, in his defense, he's crazy sweet & cute (and is getting acquainted with the squirt bottle!).

the other kitty is "mac". he's a bit more seasoned. he's a beautiful glossy mature black kitty. he gets to go outside. that's where he is right now. he just needs to come back sometime before i go to bed. 'nuff said. he's pretty awesome.

but, i think he's been misbehaving lately a bit, as i found this note on the counter of casa del tona ....


so, he's had some issues lately, but hey, who hasn't?


i did bring over one of my "babies" ... well, i do only have one ... a betta. i like little fishes. too cute! and they beg like dogs, but without the walks, vet bills, or allergies. and, i can take my fish anywhere ... who know's what's in the cup i am carrying around ?! ummm ... a fish! look away !!!

tonight is "home sweet home". tonight, i start a new week. a new week here. a new week at work. a new week to remember to "hide" anything a kitty might "disappear" in the night.

tonight, i have some bedside reading material.


i have two new magazines, and a book i've been dipping in & out of for too long.

but, before then, perhaps i can knit (or crochet) on something and watch a bit of netflix ?!

holy crap schmutzie! what do i do! i wants that eileen fisher top! i do, but should we wait for a sale ?!!!

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