Tuesday, January 29, 2013

un gato feliz !

this morning, i suspect Mac wasn't too thrilled with me, as i only let him out once ... and wouldn't let him out again for fear he wouldn't come back soon enough and make me late to work.

i got off work early today. it's such a nice day to play hooky.


it's in the 70's! i stopped at the grocery store, and came "home" to air things out. i tricked Rocky into thinking there was something fun going on in the garage, ... so i could open some windows and the kitchen door and enjoy the breeze (without fear of Rocky running away).


Mac wasn't quite sure what to make of things. he was out. he was in. he sat in the garden. he sat in the doorway.

i hope Mac gets his fill of this awesome weather before Rocky realizes what he's missing out on.


(apparently, Mac really likes a good butt-rub)

hey schmutzie, mr. mailman really stuffed your box today, with your mail and a neighbor's! no worries, i put the neighbor's mail in their box. check out all the catalogs!


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