Monday, January 28, 2013

el segundo día

on the second of sitting the kitty stole from me ... a batch full of torn off milk rings !


all these milk rings were on the kitchen counter last night. all 5 of them. in the morning ... they were all gone !

i cannot even begin to describe the mayhem last night ... the clatter at the bedroom blinds, the "drive-by's" as i was sleeping, the "creeping around"!

of course, there might be more "mayhem" later tonight, as i had a long work day and was out until almost 9pm. therefore, they might punish me.

anyhoo ... the kitties ran amuck last night, and my wee monsters hid in fear of being snatched & played with.


but they are safe!

i'm really tired tonight. Rocky is out of control running all over the place with one of the milk rings he didn't yet lose under a piece of furniture. Mac is still outside, but he (hopefully) will want to come in soon, as it's bedtime (for me).

do you think if i dangle a raw shrimp out the back door, mac will come running? here's a picture of the leftovers of tuna the boys had from yesterday ....


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